Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sankta Lucia

For those of you who haven't seen the "Big Show" in years and for those of us who have tried to peer out from backstage to see if our little "Tomten" are getting enough pepparkakor, here's what it looked like from the fourth row...You've just gotta love Dave's outfit! I really mean that Dave - it's awesome!
It's pretty hard to see who's who here, but they were all adorable!

"I Ett Hus" and then of course, "Tip Tap" sneaky little tomten snacking on the leftovers...

Somehow we didn't get any pics of the awesome gingerbread men (Grant and Max - AKA Run DMC - they had the coolest bucket hats!) or any of the incredibly talented moms and kids dancing around the tree. Guess we were so captivating, they didn't want to miss a thing by having to stop and take pictures!Here are all of the lovely Lucias and Starboys. It was Kacey's first year as a Lucia and I have to say I was so incredibly proud of her! She learned all of the songs and was so confident, I couldn't believe this was my little Kacey-Loo being a grown-up Lucia girl. And of course I got teary every time I heard her singing because it took me right back to when I sang those very same songs when we were in Sweden and of all the wonderful christmases we had there.
Two of the cutest little "Svensk Flikor"! (ok, my swedish spelling is really bad - give me a break, it was over 30 years ago and i was only 7!) They are really cute though, aren't they!?!Yay - we did it! Everyone had the right costumes at the right time, we sang the right words and did the right actions, and even though Dillon ran on stage at the wrong least he had his clothes on!