Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swedish Travelers

Becky and Julie had a great time together in Sweden! We walked all over Stockholm and Uppsala, drove through Dalarna, went to Carl Larssons home, and even saw Dave's pen display at NK.  Julie loved her BYU study abroad experience this summer!  

Monday, August 18, 2008

Food, Folks, and Fun

We had so much fun with Linda last week! On Thursday night we got together with the Lowe's for dinner. Here's Linda helping Andrew saute some mushrooms. That's her new apron that she made while staying with us! She loved Andrew's Texas flag apron and can do a convincing Texas accent on demand.
Matt may be getting some good Italian food on his mission, but check out this Chicken Marsalla Andrew whipped up, with a little help from Linda. You should have smelled it. It was absolutely divine. Not shown are the buttermilk mashed potatoes with fresh chives from Debbie's garden, zucchini and yellow squash, and rolls. We were so full of Italian goodness.

Lydia helped too by keeping Sam and Michael busy "cooking" too. I'm not sure what they made but I'm sure it was delicious!

Jacob got home after dinner from working his last shift at McDonald's this summer before he starts his senior year next week. I think he'll gladly trade his Big Mac's for some of Andrew's cooking. Michael was brushing everyone's hair in just before this picture and Sam is wearing a bowl "hat."
We said goodbye and met up again the next day for lunch in Georgetown. Before we ate our actual lunch, we found the new cupcake store and indulged in dessert before lunch. Michael can't wait to get his bite! This is how he asks for food - leaning forward with an open mouth. So cute.
A woman in the cupcake store recommended this nearby sandwich shop. Josh came from work and had lunch with us.

Lydia ate about 1/4 of that hamburger and took the rest home with all of the leftover fries. No one tried the Beijing special, in honor of the Olympics. No risk takers!

Here's the cousins waiting for the elevator to the garage at the mall. I think they had a lot of fun together . We realized that after Jacob's mission, he and Linda will both be sophomores in college. If they're both at BYU Jacob has commissioned Linda to help re-integrate him into post-mission society by introducing him to her girlfriends when he returns to Provo. There's some forward thinking! It was a short visit, but we all had a lot of fun being together and are grateful for our fun family! For more on Linda's visit, see my blog.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cousin Linda

Cousin Linda arrived today, much to Michael and Sam's delight. We look forward to gallivanting around the DC toddler scene during the next few days and having fun together at home. They put on a real show for Linda all afternoon doing all of their tricks and being totally hilarious. More to come . . .