Friday, September 26, 2008

Utah or Bust

Good luck to Becky, Brent and Linda on your new adventure to Utah, Take 2. We love you and know you'll all do well there. We can't wait to check out the guest room soon!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oscarson Family Reunion in Utah

Well Elmer Jones arose at dawn and put his huntin' britches on and looked up at his shot gun on the wall... No reunion would be complete without Elmer Jones! What a great time we had at the picnic with so many of our family members that we hadn't seen for way too long! It was so great to see everyone - it had been entirely too long, but it seemed like just yesterday - family's great that way! The kids have all grown, but somehow we've managed to stay the same - right?? Uncle Paul and Aunt Bonnie worked so hard to make this weekend happen and I am so grateful to them for it! Emily made a new and improved Birthday calendar and Amy put together Mema's history for us all. I have truly enjoyed reading all about Mema's life. I have been staying up way too late for too many nights (apparantly I'm a really slow reader!) really getting to know this remakable woman. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing family and am so proud to be an Oscarson. I wish more of you could have been there, but I am looking forward to our own reunion soon.


Kacey and I had the incredible opportunity to spend the weekend in Utah with our long lost Oscarson cousins! We had SUCH a great time! Kacey was a little nervous about the plane ride at first (it was a bit too loud!) but after a quick prayer for help to be brave, she was doin' just fine! She loved looking out the window at the changing landscape (including the Grand Canyon), but the best part was the 1 1/2 hour layover in Arizona where we got to ride the moving sidewalk about a million times.

Once we arrived, Mom and Dad picked us up and took us to Temple Square where we got to see all the sights and take a ton of pictures. I thought Kacey would get bored or have zero interest, but I was quite happily surprised. She loved it all - the Tabernacle, Visitors Center and of course the park on top of the Conference Center.

After that we got to spend the rest of our time with our cousins in Bountiful. What a fabulous time we all had! It was so great being able to catch up with all of my cousins that I grew up with. And to meet all of their adorable kids too! It was so funny, they all came running in and I had no clue who belonged to whom - they all look like they could be siblings! Kacey had a ball with them - and with all of the dress-up clothes. Her favorite though, had to be the treasure chest full of gems! My favorite thing had to be the fact that I could relax and sit with the grown-ups not worrying that anyone was breaking anything, hitting anyone or running away and falling off the side of the mountain! (Kacey is so grown-up and responsible now!!) I did miss my boys (and I think they may have missed me too), but I really REALLY had a great, relaxing, fun time!!