Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Today is a very special day in our family! It's Lisa's birthday. I remember Mom and Dad coming into my room early in the morning to tell me they were going to the hospital because today the baby would be born...and later in the morning getting the exciting news that we had a baby sister! Here are a few pictures to celebrate Lisa's special birthday today...
Cute Baby!

Cute Mom!

Birthday Girl, one year old

Daddy's Girl

The family

Big Brother Dave helps Lisa on the rocking horse

Such a happy baby! She had the cutest laugh--and still does!

Christmas Eve

A favorite picture of Lisa

At Mema & Papa's with Becky, Debbie and Amy

In Sweden...

Playing in our yard in Stockholm

Midsummer's Eve in Sweden.
School Days

Family Dinner

Glamour Girls!

At Dave and Lizzie's house

Lisa is a great mom!


on vacation in Utah

Lisa is a devoted mother who gives her all for her children. She teaches and encourages them and takes them on fantastic adventures all over the city.

Congrats, Grad!

It's graduation day! We're so proud of Julie for her hard work and good choices that have led her to achieve her goal.

The nursing school has only a few graduates each year, and it was a lovely graduation ceremony. Some of the graduates sang, "Lord, I Would Follow Thee". One of the speakers referred to the line that says, "I would be my brother's keeper, I would learn the healer's art. To the wounded and the weary, I would show a gentle heart." I liked that. Nurses do such a noble work. They literally follow the BYU motto of "Enter to learn; go forth to serve." I'm grateful for the nurses who have helped me and our family, and am happy Julie has chosen this as her profession.
As each graduate came to the podium to receive their Nurse's pin and diploma, they showed a slide with their picture and a favorite quote. Elder Richard G. Scott and Sister Rosemary Wixom both spoke to the graduates and their families. Such a beautiful graduation celebration!

Congratulations, Julie! We're so proud of you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Special Birthday

Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Today is our sister Debbie's birthday. I've been able to think of little else today. She is a wonderful sister and friend. She loves her family and the Lord. She puts her trust in God and then goes forward, giving her all on behalf of her family and others. She is kind, thoughtful, and genuine.

Here are a few pictures in honor of this special birthday celebration...
Always a lady

Cute school girl

Fun times growing up

Birthday girl

Ready for the dance, in Stockholm

Out for a special dinner with the family

Such a cute mom!

We love you, Debbie! Happy, happy birthday. xoxo

Dan the Man

Today is our brother Dan's birthday. Dan has always had a great sense of purpose, an outgoing personality, and a smile on his face. We had fun times growing up together and admire the man he is today. Here is a little walk down memory lane...

Birthdays were a big event when we were growing up. On this particular day, Mom hosted a double birthday party for Danny and Debbie, complete with cakes and matching cupcakes for each of them. Here's Dan with his pirate ship cake.

What a cute baby!

Dapper Dan

"I think I was about ten years old..."
(Dan always jokes that it seems like most childhood memories happened when he was about ten years old.)

at the Mission Home in Stockholm

Elder Oscarson returns from Arizona. Here's Uncle Chris (who was the stake president) welcoming him back.

Dan and Stephanie with the first three children. Look at all those great smiles!

Happy Birthday, Dan! We love you and Stephanie and your family.
Thanks for being such a great brother.