Monday, April 6, 2009

Dan and Stephanie Visit Utah

Dan and Stephanie and Family in Utah

Dan and Stephanie came to Utah for their kids' spring break.  We had so much fun together!  They went skiing, visited friends, and spent time with Amanda.  We were so happy to have them stay with us and loved being with them.  

Ryan, Emily, and Corinne were glad to see Amanda again!
On Sunday after General Conference, we had a family dinner with Steve and Laura and their family, Bonnie and Paul, who just received their mission call to Hong Kong, and Andrew and Erica and John and Katharine.  It was great to see everyone!
Ryan is 16...and a little taller than Amanda!
After dinner, Uncle Paul shared some of the family history he has been working on for a long time, almost full time for over a year.  We each chose a family line to work on while they are on their mission.  Thank you, Uncle Paul!  
It was great to see the Newlyweds and to visit with them.  You guys are great!  Thanks for all your help...Andrew and Erica scrubbed and cut potatoes for 23 people and John and Katharine made delicious rolls.  The kids loved playing games with you, too.  We love you and were so glad you could come!  It makes us happy just to be around you.    
It was nice to visit together.  Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Paul are so gracious to everyone in every circumstance.  We're excited about their mission call.  Dan had some funny stories to tell about China and presented a gift for their mission:  chopsticks and kiddie chopstick trainers from Pei Wei.  Brent and Julie did a lot of dishes so I could stay at the table and visit.  
I had such fun visiting with Amanda, Ryan, Emily and Corinne.  They're all so friendly, cheerful, positive, and personable.  It was nice having cousins around!
Between the sessions of Conference Brent pulled out the crackers, cheese and sparkling fruit juices for a tasting event!  Pear and black currant were the favorites.  Lindt bittersweet chocolate was the winner in the gourmet chocolate bar division.   
Ryan got to snowboard a couple of days...go Ryan!  He even braved a blizzard at Snowbird.