Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lucky Mommy!

Another special day in our family--today is Kristina's birthday! Here are a few pictures in honor of the celebration....

Stockholm, July 1976. We were all so excited that our baby sister had arrived. The Swedish hospital staff had never seen such a big family before!

A Swedish baby needs a Swedish buggy, and Kristina put lots of miles on these wheels, all over Sweden, on her travels with Mom and Dad throughout the mission. She learned to say Swedish words when she was out of the house or playing with the phone, and English words when she was in the house or talking to the family!

Lisa and her dolls...oh, one of them is a real baby!

Reading stories together in Dad's office at the mission home.

New Aunts, Lisa and Kristina, visiting their niece Angie in Utah with Mom and Dad. "Aunt Nina" was 7 years old.

"Nina Ballerina" reading stories to Angie, who was now about 7.

The little cousins always loved being with Nina, Lisa, and Dave.
They still do!

City of Joseph Pageant, Nauvoo

Go, Longhorns!

The beautiful bride and her charming groom, Josh.

Sweet twin boys, Sam and Michael...

Little Anna came next...

Never a dull moment with this happy family!

We love you, Kristina! You are a lucky Mommy for sure and a wonderful sister and friend. Happy Birthday!