Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Colors, a Birthday and Family Visits

Fall Colors

Today the fall colors were at their peak in Little Cottonwood Canyon. We went for a drive after Church and took pictures, but they don't capture the panoramic grandeur of what we saw there.
The aspen trees around Tanner Flats were such a bright gold color, they seemed to glow.

The oak trees were every shade of red and orange. Motorists, cyclists and photographers were everywhere along the side of the road trying to take it all in.
I just love the colors of fall. Thank you, Brent for taking me up the canyon and stopping a million times for pictures. I love you.

Happy Birthday, Katharine!
Yesterday was one of the most beautiful autumn days ever, and it was fitting since it was Katharine's birthday. We celebrated by going out to dinner with her family.

Happy Birthday, Katharine. We love you!

Jane's favorite part of the night was all the tissue paper to play with.

Mom and Dad's visit

Mom and Dad came to visit for General Conference. It was so nice to be together. They packed a lot of activity into a few short days but still had lots of time to just enjoy each other's company. One afternoon we took a drive up the canyon to see the early fall colors.
A highlight of the weekend was getting together with the cousins to hear reports from Mom and Dad and Bob and KLynn. We were fascinated to hear about their life in Moscow. There are so many faithful people serving the Lord in various ways around the world. Aren't we lucky to be related to some of them?

For those of you who searched in vain, here is proof that we actually did sing in the family choir during the Saturday afternoon session of Conference! Brent's cousin sent us this picture. (Linda and I got to sit together in the soprano section.) We were thankful for the opportunity and for the Spirit that was present in our weekly rehearsals as well as during the conference. It was so interesting to be in the choir loft as the general authorities were speaking and to think of the members of the Church all over the world who were listening to their inspired counsel. They speak in front of cameras and a huge live audience but their messages are directed to each individual in such a personal way. To me that is a modern miracle. I'm so grateful for the privilege of hearing the word of the Lord from His prophets and apostles.

We had lots of help for our Priesthood Night tradition of baking pies while the boys were at Conference. When the guys got home we enjoyed four kinds of pie (and lots of pie crust cookies) while they gave us a report on each of the talks they had heard in the Priesthood meeting. Thanks for all your help making pies, ladies!

After all the pie, Dan showed us some video clips from his recent business trips to Africa. Our brothers are going to all kinds of interesting places and meeting interesting people!

Brothers and sisters are the greatest!

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa finally got to meet Jane. She loves them and they love her. Thank you for coming to visit and for such a wonderful weekend together. We're grateful for your examples of love and service and pray for you always.

Meet Me in St. Louis

Earlier this month, Angie and I met for a weekend with Mom and Dad in St. Louis. It was short, but so much fun. We love to be together, especially in one of our favorite places!

I love my sisters and am always so happy when I can be with them.

We were treated to a fabulous breakfast on a rainy Sunday morning before church. Thanks, guys, we love you and were so happy to be with your family.

As a happy coincidence, our trip was on the same weekend as Dad's induction into his high school hall of fame. We went with them to the school, where he received a medal and we were given a tour of the school. It was great to see the inside of the school and the basketball court where Dad had been captain of his high school team. His picture was already hanging on the hall of fame wall where the students can see it every day. In the auditorium, Dad was introduced and then gave a lovely speech about the blessings of good friends and teachers and the joy of service. We are so proud of you, Dad!

The festivities continued the next day with Dad riding in the community parade, on the back of a 1961 Corvette. Go, Dad!
I wish we could instantly "blink" ourselves to other places so we could see all of our family any time we wanted. But until that happens, I'm glad for the wonderful times we get to spend together every now and then. A loving family is the greatest treasure in the world.