Monday, February 14, 2011

More Than a Feeling

I have what I think is a fun idea. I have so many memories about the family growing up but I don't share all of your memories. Would anyone else think it a fun idea to have us write posts about our memories growing up? They could be about Mom and Dad or siblings, or just the house. Anything that involves common ground with each other. I just live too far away from you and I am trying to tell my boys stories about "A long time ago when I was a little girl named Nina and lived with Grammie and Grandpa in St. Louis. . ." I would love to capture your memories and the ways they influence your lives now.

Here's one of mine.

On a foggy December morning here I went out jogging. It was early. It was cold. It had been cloudy for weeks and I would usually be depressed under those conditions, but I felt happy and warm, not only from the jogging, but from the song I was listening to.

Imagine waking up in Mom and Dad's house to the sound of really, really loud rock! "More Than A Feeling" cranking on the stereo that was more familiar with Bach than Boston, . The first track of their album was a sure signal that Mom and Dad were out and soon the smell of Dave frying eggs and potatoes in the kitchen wafted back to my room. Lisa and I would wander out and the day would begin. It was a hot day and Dave would have to mow the lawn, but first an enormous breakfast and some "tunes." Then mowing the lawn, then the swimming pool. I guess it was his version of "Oh What a Beautiful Morning," but that's another post.

That memory comes flooding back to me whenever I hear that song. On a cold day I felt the warmth of an August sun and the light of that summer sky lit up my December morning.

Please share your memories. We can always make the blog private so only family members can sign in and read it. Grandkids' posts are welcome too, just email me if you've forgotten how to log on and post.