Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A visit from Angie

We got to have Angie here with us for a whole week! We loved just being together. She came while Derick was away with the Young Men on their high adventure camp on the Guadalupe River in Texas. On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day and Angie's birthday. (That night we watched clips from yesterday's Royal Wedding on the internet and thought of Dave and Lizzie with their family in Sweden! You can read about that on Aunt Bonnie's blog.)

Brent was sick but was did his best to put on a happy face for the occasion. He took this picture of all of us in the dining room.

On Monday we drove up to visit Julie at her Especially For Youth assignment in Ogden. She's the health counselor for a different EFY session each week. The EFY staff all love her! We like to call her Nurse Julie--Linda and Angie even watched "Heavyweights" again in her honor. We left just as 400 kids were arriving for check-in at EFY. By the way, you should see the amazing First Aid kit they provide Julie with for EFY. It's huge!

Angie and I decided to visit the Ogden City Cemetery to see where "Grandpa-the-Great" Angus Tulloch Lochhead, Sr., his wife Wealthy Lake Lochhead, their parents and siblings are buried. I hadn't been there since we came to Utah for Aunt Karin and Uncle Steve's wedding when I was 10 years old. It was really nice to be there. We took pictures of all the family headstones. This one is a large monument that says "Lochhead" on one side and "Lake" on the other.

(Where did my other font disappear to? I might never get this figured out. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for having the pictures in order this time! )

Next we stopped at John and Katharine's to visit Katharine and Jane. They were in the neighbor's swimming pool. Jane loved being in the water and looked cute in her hat. Thanks for the delicious lunch and fun visit, girls! It was such a great afternoon being with you.

The next day we visited John at his work and he took us on a tour of the whole facility. It was so impressive! I don't know if it's OK to put up pictures from that since we didn't think of asking permission to photograph. But it was really fun to see John at his job and to have him tell us all about how they make tables, fixtures, and paneling for Apple Stores, hotels, law firms, board rooms, concert halls, and the Conference Center. In one area we saw seat backs for a new temple being built somewhere. We got to wear protective goggles in the huge manufacturing area and followed John all around the place. He seems to know everyone and what their job is. They all seem to like him, too, which is no surprise to anyone.

Angie and I had lunch downtown with Brent and Linda--she's been filling in for their receptionist this week--then took a stroll through Temple Square. The flowers were gorgeous as always and it was an absolutely perfect June day.

Thanks for coming, Angie! Happy Golden Birthday.