Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Wedding!

Julie and Reece's wedding day was wonderful in every way. We wanted to share it with you by posting some of our pictures. We don't have the photographer's photos from the wedding day yet, but these are some we snapped with our cameras.

We had a family dinner hosted by Reece's parents the night before the wedding. There was beautiful music performed by Reece's family, and a chance to visit with each other. Then Julie and Reece were married in the Draper Temple on a beautifully crisp November day. It was extra special to have Dad perform the ceremony. Julie and Reece are so happy to be married, and we are all happy for them, too!

Mr. and Mrs. Butler!

A few pictures from the dinner the night before the wedding...

...and some pictures from the reception at the Joseph Smith building on Temple Square. It was so pretty to look out at the temple and all the Christmas lights on Temple Square.

Jane looked like a little princess!

A few more pictures at the Draper Temple after the wedding...
So fun having cousins here!

Congratulations, Julie and Reece! We love you!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Moment In Time

Will someone please tell me the occasion at Sam Wilson's? Was this the summer Becky and Debbie got married?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Time!

A week late but worth the wait...Happy Birthday, Dave!
Here's a look at some fun photos in honor of your birthday...

Always smiling, even as a baby!

Who could resist that face?

Cowboy Dave

There was always lots of mud around our house, so why not just wear boots to go out and play?

Charming school boy

In Sweden, making snowballs with Dan

(Teenage heartthrob)

Welcome home, Äldste Oscarson!

The happy couple on their wedding day. (We're so glad you said yes, Lizzie!)

Cute Mom and Dad

Summer fun with the boys
(by the way...who else but Dave could get away with those swimming trunks?)

Celebrating Mom and Dad's 50th

Dinner on the Hill

Chef Dave working his magic in the kitchen

Happy Birthday, Dave! We love you!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lucky Mommy!

Another special day in our family--today is Kristina's birthday! Here are a few pictures in honor of the celebration....

Stockholm, July 1976. We were all so excited that our baby sister had arrived. The Swedish hospital staff had never seen such a big family before!

A Swedish baby needs a Swedish buggy, and Kristina put lots of miles on these wheels, all over Sweden, on her travels with Mom and Dad throughout the mission. She learned to say Swedish words when she was out of the house or playing with the phone, and English words when she was in the house or talking to the family!

Lisa and her dolls...oh, one of them is a real baby!

Reading stories together in Dad's office at the mission home.

New Aunts, Lisa and Kristina, visiting their niece Angie in Utah with Mom and Dad. "Aunt Nina" was 7 years old.

"Nina Ballerina" reading stories to Angie, who was now about 7.

The little cousins always loved being with Nina, Lisa, and Dave.
They still do!

City of Joseph Pageant, Nauvoo

Go, Longhorns!

The beautiful bride and her charming groom, Josh.

Sweet twin boys, Sam and Michael...

Little Anna came next...

Never a dull moment with this happy family!

We love you, Kristina! You are a lucky Mommy for sure and a wonderful sister and friend. Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Today is a very special day in our family! It's Lisa's birthday. I remember Mom and Dad coming into my room early in the morning to tell me they were going to the hospital because today the baby would be born...and later in the morning getting the exciting news that we had a baby sister! Here are a few pictures to celebrate Lisa's special birthday today...
Cute Baby!

Cute Mom!

Birthday Girl, one year old

Daddy's Girl

The family

Big Brother Dave helps Lisa on the rocking horse

Such a happy baby! She had the cutest laugh--and still does!

Christmas Eve

A favorite picture of Lisa

At Mema & Papa's with Becky, Debbie and Amy

In Sweden...

Playing in our yard in Stockholm

Midsummer's Eve in Sweden.
School Days

Family Dinner

Glamour Girls!

At Dave and Lizzie's house

Lisa is a great mom!


on vacation in Utah

Lisa is a devoted mother who gives her all for her children. She teaches and encourages them and takes them on fantastic adventures all over the city.