Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Picnic

Diane organized a cousins' picnic for Labor Day. It was at a beautiful park that David and Karen C. had found for us. Here are some pictures. See if you know these people--they are all your relatives!

Jane and Jane got to meet each other

Brent and Jeff (Jane's husband)

Mindy (Steve C's wife) with their youngest, and Sarah (Roger and Wendy's daughter)

Rachel and her little guy


Rachel, Jane, and Wendy

Carissa (Billy's wife)

Karen (David C's wife) and two of their girls, Lauren & Megan

Joanne and Debbie

Self portrait--Julie, Karin, and Becky

Jane, Wendy, and Sarah

Thanks, Diane! It was a great idea and we appreciate your helping us all get together.