Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brady's Walking!!!

He's been working at this for about a month now, but today Brady's really been taking off! Too funny that it's the day before his birthday - it's so exciting!!! Kacey has been praying every day that Brady will be walking soon - very cute! The kids are loving that he is becoming a kid and can play with them!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sneak Preview

These are some of the pictures from Mom and Dad's anniversary DVD.  Can't wait to see everybody!  Stay tuned...

The Kluba Kids

The Kluba kids have been enjoying their summer! We've been to a lot of playgrounds, the zoo, the pool, the mall, and eaten a lot of snow cones and slurpees! Kacey's been going to a camp and the playground by the pool. They go on field trips and get to swim 2 or 3 times a week. She started taking piano lessons this summer snd is doing really well. We play the chopsticks duet and I am just amazed that I have such a big girl! Dillon has been going to his preschool's summer school. We call it Happy Day Camp! He has a lot of fun there and it lets mom breathe for a few hours! Dillon's got a ton of energy and is very curious about everything. He's ALWAYS on the go and is a magnet to mischief as most little boys can be! Brady is getting to be so big! He's so close to walking - taking a few steps here and there. He's still most fond of mom, but survived a day and a half with out her! He stayed home with a friend while the rest of us went on a big family vacation to the Huzzah River for camping and a float trip this month. We had a lot of fun, but a day on the river with the kids was anything but relaxing! I think next time, we'll just camp! Dillon had a field day with all of the rocks and sticks, while Kacey was determined to catch a fish. She finally did, and put it in a water bottle with rocks on the bottom and a few holes in the top. Poor Amber, river fish need to stay in the river!

So that's our update in a nutshell. Just trying to survive each day with 3 little kids who are getting bigger each day! Well, Land Before Time is over, so I need too get back to work :) Thanks, Neen for gettiong this blog started. I think it'll be a lot of fun!

Brady's SO Big

And then there's Brady. He's almost one and is just getting to be so big! He's desperately trying to keep up with his big brother which scares me to death! He loves wrestling with Dillon, which is "all fun and games until someone gets hurt!" He still loves to be held by mom (exclusively), but is trying to walk, so likes to move around on his own a lot too. He'll climb all the steps at the playground and zoom down the slide on mom's lap. He's generally very happy and loves to clap his hands laugh when he does something he's proud of! He'll wave bye-bye (and even said it twice) and then bury his head in my shoulder, like he's all bashfull - it's very cute! He'll be graduating from formula to milk next week, but if given a choice, I think he'd live off of snow cones from Tropical Snow! It's our new favorite place to go this summer (although sonic comes in at a close 2nd). Luckily, Mr Brady is pretty easy going and can take his nap whenever or wherever he needs to and likes the stroller. I guess when you're the third child in a family that's always on the run, you have to!

Dillon the Super Slugger

Dillon started T-Ball this summer! It's been fun watching him! The team is made up of 3 and 4 year olds and a lot of coaches! They have one grown up with each of the players on the field. His first game, he went to bat once, hit the ball and ran after it towards 2nd base (he wasn't the only one to do that!) He finally made his way around the bases and decided that was enough and went down to the playground to play! His second game was a little better. He ran to first base and went to bat twice. He still had no interest in the outfield. Finally the third time around he got it all figured out. He now runs after every ball that is hit and runs the bases like he's in the big leagues! Soccer starts this fall and I'm so excited to watch him. He's got a lot of energy (to say the least!) and I think he'll love all of the running (which Kacey hated!).

Kacey's growing up too fast!!

Kacey just turned 7 and had a big "make-over party" at Club Libby Lu. The girls all had fun getting their nails, hair and make-up done! She's usually a bit shy, but holy cow did she come out of her shell that day! She couldn't get away from the mirrors and was definately strutting her stuff down the run-way for the big fashion show at the end! It was fun! Best of all, the only thing I had to do was send out the invitations, buy a cake and drive the girls back and forth - super low stress party!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How To Post

1. Click on "New Post"
2. Add any pictures you'd like to include by clicking on the 3rd button from the right, then browsing your picture files on your computer and selecting "add"
3. Write your text.
4. Click and drag your pictures where you would like them to appear in your "post."
5. Click "Preview" on the top right of the new posting box to proofread your post.
6. Click the orange "Publish Post" box at the bottom of the new post box to put your post on the blog for all to see.

I can limit who can view the blog and/ or who can leave comments to our family members if anyone would like me to do that.

Then, you can make comments on other people's posts by clicking on "Comments" at the bottom of the post. You type a message for the author of the post and click on the orange "Publish Your Comment" button.

That's it and we can all see and read what is going on in each other's lives fairly quickly and easily. I've only invited Mom and Dad and the 6 kids. Let me know if you'd like to open it up to high school graduate grandchildren too.

Happy posting!